Ultra Marathon of Life

Being stuck in life is a terrible feeling. To feel like you’re going nowhere, whether it’s in a relationship, a career, lost out on a run, etc. is incredibly difficult and can be hard to overcome. Sometimes though you don’t even know you’re stuck until you find something that makes you feel so happy and so alive, and you don’t know how you’ve lived without all of these years.

Last summer, I fell into this latter category.  I joined a trail training program hosted by a local running store.   I didn’t know I was stuck until I set foot on the trails for my first ever trail run.  From that moment, I was OBSESSED.  I everything I said and did centered around trail running.  Since then, I have logged hundreds (maybe a thousand) miles on the trails, run at least 7 trail races, and loved every minute of it.  In a couple of weeks, I’m running a stage race in Chattanooga. What’s a stage race you ask? 3 days. 60 miles. 3 mountains.  My legs hurt just thinking about it, and I CANNOT wait.  After the race is over (and after a few rest days, a couple of beers, and lots of food), I will begin training for my first ULTRA marathon, StumpJump  50K.  That’s the primary focus of this blog– documenting the thrills and horrors that will certainly accompany training for this endeavor.  I’m not sure if anyone will read this or if anyone will get anything out of it.  I just want to document it, if nothing for posterity’s sake, because I owe so much to trail running which has “unstuck” me and enabled me to tackle the greatest, and hardest, ultra marathon of them all– LIFE.


2 responses to “Ultra Marathon of Life

  1. Congrats on taking up trail running — it will absolutely change your life. I look forward to following along as you train for your stage race! Best of luck and happy training!

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