Treat Yo’ Self

This week was all about treating my body and mind right.  Every few weeks or so I’ll have a recovery week—less mileage, more easy runs.  Recovery weeks used to make me really anxious, but as the training becomes longer and the workouts become harder, it’s nice sometimes to just run.  Recovery weeks are also easier to swallow after I realized they’re key to keeping my body injury free. They also allow you to really hammer it out in the following weeks.  Although they can seem counterproductive to your training, recovery weeks are a great way to “Treat Yo’ Self”.


Other ways to treat yo’ self (besides the post-run brews):

Foam Rolling – ahhhh, it just hurts so good. 

Massages—kind of a splurge but worth it (Check out Tonya Lumphrey Philippi, a massage therapist who’s also an incredible runner);

Compression— I really like the 110% compression knickers. Using them post-hard workouts and long runs have really helped in my recovery. Also, they have pockets for the ice packs!

Sleep—as someone who has terrible insomnia and a jam-packed schedule, I know how hard it can be to get in 7-8 hours of sleep. However, sleep is vital to recovery and training.  Whenever I have a bad run or workout, it’s usually because I was running on only a few hours of sleep.  So Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

Physical Therapy*—I swear by PT and the exercises that are prescribed there. I’ve had a few injuries in the past couple of years, but nothing serious or sidelining. It’s all due to going to PT as soon as I feel that something just isn’t right.  I’m quite partial to Derek Pyle with Results Physiotherapy.  He comes to Nashville Running Company every few weeks to provide FREE injury screenings. I’ve seen him for 3 separate issues—each time, I’ve left a better, stronger runner thanks to the exercises he’s given me.  Keeping up these exercises after leaving physical therapy is also key to preventing future injuries.  Your body takes a lot of pounding during training cycles so you have to make sure it’s strong enough to withstand the training without breaking down. 

Derek dropping knowledge on the RunWild group

Derek dropping knowledge on the RunWild group

This Week:

Monday: stupid rest day

Tuesday: Easy trail run in the am; I felt a bit guilty watching the RunWild crew crush the Electric Slide hill workout that evening knowing I had such a nice, easy run that morning.  Sadistically, though, I enjoyed watching them suffer up that hill. . .  but only because they were pushing harder and farther than the first time they did this workout. 

Wednesday: East Nasty + some with Boo Boo

Thursday: I had a workout scheduled, BUT this was one of those days where life just got in the way.  I had 4 dog visits, plus 8 hours of work, plus a storm that rolled through at the exact moment I was headed out to run.  I really, really, really hate missing a scheduled run, particularly a workout. If this hadn’t been a recovery week, I’d be beating myself up over this even more than I already am BUT I have to 

Friday: Tabatas (holy cow, try these! My good friend, Christa Poremba, teaches a class each Thursday and Friday. They will kick your ass—and make it look better in the process); 45 min recovery run– legs felt like jello after the tabatas session, but it was a great way to simulate tired, end-of-race- legs. 

Saturday: Fast Finish (that’s what she said) – long run ending with marathon pace. I ran with my friend Derek for about half of this run which was great. He’s a super strong runner who’s only getting better. It’s awesome to see.

Sunday: Easy run followed by strides.  I decided last minute to get a massage after my run.  The only place near me is some random walk-in place.  The massage was fine . . . and interesting.  I’ve had my fair share of massages, but never before have I been straddled by a 5’0”, 90-lb massage therapist during a massage… twice. Granted, it helped her really get some knots out, but it was surprising nonetheless


I think I’ll be going to Tonya from now on….

Well, this was a pretty boring post…. Life is super hectic right now. Maybe I’ll come up with something better soon.

*Please consider signing this petition. Trigger point therapy is amazing for injuries, and the PTs do a fantastic job of incorporating it into their practice.  Many, many people are losing out on a beneficial therapy. 


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