Is it freak out time yet?

Things have been crazy lately, and as such, I’ve let this little blog fall a bit by the wayside. Here are the cliff notes of what’s been going on:

After my lackluster performance at the CPSR, I had to dial back my training for a week or so. The ankle was super angry at me. I even had it x-ray’d just to make sure there was no stress fracture action going on. I managed to hit 4 hours/20 miles that weekend but had unimpressive 55 miles or so for that week. The big news of that week, though, had absolutely nothing to do with running (shocking, I know!). College football’s back, y’all!

How I feel when there’s no football:


How I feel the entirety of football season:

The next week was rather tough. On top of the heavy training load, my little business venture has been keeping me really busy. This is great (obviously), but it’s been a bit of struggle to balance everything. Again, a great problem to have but struggle nonetheless. Anyway, that week, there were lots and lots of blue loops, a couple of 2-a-days, a progression run, and a long run. On my Red/White/Blue trail challenge, I completely bombed — or at least I felt like I did. Naturally, the first thing I did was moan and groan to Hunter (I seriously don’t pay him enough . . . ).  His advice? More sleep and More food!

Lesbehonest, I love to eat

Lesbehonest, I love to eat

This past week was even more challenging– I hit the most miles per week than I have ever. That was pretty cool. And by cool, I mean hard, and by hard, I mean really hard. However, this week it feels like things are finally clicking or falling into place training-wise. My blue loop repeats, while ridiculously taxing physically and mentally, felt easier and less forced than in the past. My Red/White/Blue challenge was faster and felt so much better. Saturday’s long run with the RunWild group was the best long run that I’ve had in months. Sunday’s long run was completely brutal, but I still managed to bang out 18.  This helped exponentially with my confidence, especially after the last few weeks and with my ankle thing.

Even with this newfound (or rediscovered) confidence, I’m still freaking the $%^& out about this race. It’s less than three weeks away . .


This has been my goal race for over a year, and the fact that it’s almost here is making me question and doubt everything. I can’t fathom running all of those miles (I’m hoping that will dissipate while I’m out helping crew/pace Steven and Jeff on their 100 miler next weekend. What’s a 50K compared to all of that nonsense?!). And even if I can finish that distance, I still question whether I’ll actually be able to race that distance and come out with a time/place that I’m satisfied with. That being said, I have an amazing coach and have an unbelievable training plan, and I will trust that training. However, for the next 2.5 weeks, you can find me freaking out.


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