Recovery (ish) Week

Because Lookout 50 miler is looming in the not so far distance, I didn’t take the entire week off following StumpJump 50K. Sunday and Monday were both rest days, BUT my legs felt so fantastic (save for  an unfortunately placed knot) that I definitely could have run. After work on Monday, I met Boo Boo up at NRC for a celebratory drink with her, Steven, Hunter, and Denton. Derek, the miraculous physical therapist who basically saved my race for me, was there. It’s always great to see him–especially when he isn’t sticking needles in me. After some wine and snacks, it was time to get home and go to bed. My theme of the week– Eat, Drink, and Sleep, and not necessarily in that order.



IMG_20141013_081200Tuesday was a pretty slow day which meant I got have a coffee date with Boo Boo and Christa. Hap, hap, happiness! Later in the day, I ran for about 35 minutes. The legs felt really good. I kept an easy pace which was made even easier by the fact that I had to keep stopping to try and figure out my new Suunto Ambit 2 watch. I’m the least technologically advanced person of my generation, and this watch has so many crazy features that I could barely figure out how to start/stop it. Luckily, Jeff has the same one so he was able to help me with it some at dinner later that night. After my run, I met up with a great group at 12 South Taproom. Hooray, pumpkin beer! This was my first time seeing Jeff since Utah. I asked him what he had been up to since finishing the 100 miler, and he gave me the greatest response of all time. It’s probably the greatest response to any question that I have ever asked in my lifetime; his response–“I got an axe. I’ve been chopping a lot of wood.” Jeff, the Ron Swanson of trail running.

IMG_20141013_083121Wednesday was East Nasty, and the run felt really good. It was nice to stretch the legs and get a little more turnover going. On Thursday, I was craving some blue trail loops (I doubt this lasts for too long though). I took them really easy and didn’t look at my watch the entire time. And by easy I mean what is the opposite of a PR? Regardless, it was nice to get in some trail therapy. As much fun as running the roads can be, there is such peace and clarity that comes from the trails. I can always tell when I’ve been away for too long. And yes, four days can definitely be considered too long. Friday, I eschewed a run in favor of date night. Gone Girl was pretty good– but I think all the crazy could have been avoided if they had all just gone for a run.

Saturday morning brought forth a really good Red/White/Blue loop out at Percy/Edwin. There was a pretty big group that met around 6am which was a lot of fun. The legs felt fantastic, and it was nice to get a little more distance on them after sticking to 4 miles or so for the last couple of days. And being in the midst of so many trail running greats was pretty inspiring (I mean they were no Anna Frost, but it was definitely like the who’s who of trail running in Nashville).


Sunday, the legs were feeling a little delayed onset tiredness so I took Moses for an easy trail run. John’s dog is a great runner and is so much fun to take out on the trails. He definitely kicked my ass though. I don’t think he was pleased with going so slowly. After my run, it was all about tracking mah girl, Carolyn, and other Nashvillians at the Chicago Marathon. Carolyn. Freaking. Crushed. It. She PR’d and qualified for Boston (again). WHOOP!


This recovery week was just what I needed. Easy runs, some good trailin’, and enough time to get refocused and re-energized to start banging it out for Lookout.  Time to whole ass this sum bitch.



2 responses to “Recovery (ish) Week

  1. I’m about to do the exact same thing…a nice easy week of fun runs with lots of wine!

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