Just Go Run

Last week was my first week back training since StumpJump. I was so excited to get back at it, ready to start banging out some miles for Lookout Mountain 50. As much as I love training and as much as I love running/trails, I thought jumping back into was going to be easy. Leg/Body wise, this was absolutely true. My legs have felt spectacular ever since StumpJump. However, my motivation to actually get out the door to go run was lacking.


After I worked through every excuse I could think of for not going to run, I’d finally tell myself to snap out of it and just go run. Of course, once I started running, I felt great and was glad that I “forced” myself to run. Life tried to get in the way a few times and has been providing a few extra stressors here lately. I thought that these were good excuses to avoid running when, in fact, these are the exact reasons I needed to be out there. Nothing can make you feel better than sweat, burning legs, and a tired post-run body. A run can rejuvenate the mind/body/soul, especially one on the trails. Everyone knows this, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t sometimes extremely difficult to lace those shoes up and start moving. One of my top 3 favorite women trail/ultrarunners, Sally Mcrae, wrote this piece in Trail Runner magazine. It’ll blast any bad excuse you have for not running and get your ass out the door.


Stressed? Tired? Busy? Sad/Angry/Happy/Ambivalent? Just go …


My week:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: AM — WU; 60 mins @ 6:44 avg pace; C/D; PM– 30 min recovery

Wednesday: East Nasty

Thursday: AM– NRC West Group Run; 6 x 1 mile repeats; PM–NRC West Group Run

Friday: 20 min easy w/ Gyps

Saturday: Double Red/White/Blue with Phil, Scott, and Jonathan (4:20)

Sunday: Red/White/Blue (1:58)

This next week is going to see a jump in volume. Hopefully, I won’t need too many pep talks or reads of Sally’s article to get my ass going. If all else fails, this video of Saban’s “encouragement” should do the trick



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