Week In Review

After the previous week’s abysmal training performance, I was optimistic for last week. I thought that my legs would feel fresh, and I’d be able to crush miles and pace. The first part of the week was great. I always have some residual post-tib pain from the 3 ankle rolls I had this summer. It’s been manageable and hasn’t impaired my running much. However, my ankle/post-tib and plantar fascia issues decided to rear their ugly heads on Friday and completely derailed my weekend. Saturday, I had 5 hours total scheduled for the day, and I tapped out after 1 1/2 hours. I was supposed to run with Jonathan and felt like a dick leaving him. My ankle was absolutely screaming me at though. I pulled a Jeff and sat on a stump for 15 minutes trying to get it up to make it back to the Nature Center. During this time, I started freaking out about Lookout, decided there was no way I could run it, and even if I could finish it, I’d likely destroy my ankle in the process.


By the time I made it back to my car, I was prepared to tell Hunter that I was pulling out. For some reason, in my anger and distress, I thought “if I’m not going to do Lookout then I should do Mountain Mist 50k in Jan” because that makes so much sense, right? I impulsively signed up for it on my drive home. What. The. Hell? Stupid smart phones with internet.

I just need a Zack Morris phone

I just need a Zack Morris phone

After doing all of the physical therapy exercises and stretches I could do on Saturday, I went back out Sunday hoping to knock out 4 hrs. The first 5 miles of RedWhiteBlue felt amazing. The last 5.6 or so were rough. Ankle and feet felt better than Saturday but definitely not great…and my legs were exhausted (HOW?). So I called it. . . again. Two workout DNFs in a row. As for Lookout, I’m not pulling out yet, but at least, I have a backup race just in case?

Weekly Recap:

Monday: RedWhiteBlue 1:50:21; Not Jobie fast, but it’ll do.

Tuesday: AM– Marathon Pace Workout; PM– recovery run

Wednesday: East Nasty

Thursday: AM– NRC RunWest group; Blue Trail Repeats; PM–NRC RunWest Group

Thursday night was Ladies’ Night @ Nashville Running Company which was a blast and brought some new faces to our RunWest group. I won a sweet new sports bra and bought some new Moving Comfort pants that are phenomenal.

Moving Comfort Urban X-Over

Moving Comfort Urban X-Over

Moving Comfort Metro Pant ... they feel like butter

Moving Comfort Metro Pant … they feel like butter

Friday: 1 mile and an ankle blow up

Saturday: 8.5 miles

Sunday: RedWhiteBlue


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