Being Smart and Looking at the Big Picture

The past two and a half weeks have been difficult and painful. I wrote last time about how I had to cut my run super short because of ankle pain. The following week I was able to complete my workouts. On that Saturday, Jeff, Jobie, Yong, and I did the “Dial Test.” This soul-crushing test is RWB at easy pace followed immediately by RWB at fast pace. The first loop felt great both mentally and physically. After we got done with the first loop, we refueled and shed some clothing. I ate an entire oatmeal cream pie which was mistake number 1. Soon, we took off on the blue trail to start loop numero dos. The guys dropped my ass about 1 mile in. Mistake number 2– going too hard on blue. As I made my way to Red, I could tell that this was going to be a brutal 8 more miles. By the time I got to White, my ankle was enraged, and my legs were dragging. I think I “quit” the challenge 7 times. I hiked climbs that should’ve easily been run. I dragged my feet on flats. I mustered up enough energy to get a sub-8:00 on candy cane, but the guys still crushed me. 1:44 for the 2nd loop. New goal– beat this by 10 mins.


By the time I drove my weary body home, I could barely walk. The rest of the day, I lay on the couch with my legs elevated. Apparently, Bama didn’t realize how tiring the Dial Test was as they proceeded to stress me out the entire game. The next Sunday I felt rejuvenated and met Season, Lindsay, Bree, and Rula for a rainy, cold trail run. My ankle was still angry with almost every step, but the great company was worth it.

Me, Bree, Season, and Linds post-run

Me, Bree, Season, and Linds post-run

Because of my continued ankle pain, Hunter told me on Monday to stop running until Thursday. Obviously, this sucked to hear, but I knew I had to keep up my fitness. I decided to go do the elliptical. Holy smokes Batman is that machine boring?! I facebooked stalked everyone I could while I was on that thing. I was going to live tweet my experience, but I’m pretty sure it would’ve just been “shit, damn, balls”. Seriously, I can’t believe something can be that mind-numbing.

giphy (4)

I stuck with the elliptical on Monday and Tuesday. We met to discuss NRC’s RunWILD group on Tuesday. Going over all of our great plans for the group and talking about running the trails was exciting. All of our talk made me want to go run the trails and run them hard, but (contrary to the way I usually do things), I tried to be smart and kept to the elliptical on Wednesday. Thursday was judgment day, and the verdict was no running for a bit, no Flying Monkey, and no Lookout. Obviously, this wasn’t the best news in the world. However, I’m tired of running in pain. I’ve been in varying degrees of pain since mid-June. I’m ready to be healthy. Leah is helping me with my running form and strength, and I’m trying to be smart. As much as I want to run Lookout, I’m focusing on the big picture. I’d much rather have a long, healthy running career and try to come back better and stronger in 2015. I’m glad I signed up for Mountain Mist a few weeks ago as that’s looking like my next race…being impulsive finally paid off!

Week in Recap:
Monday: 1:20 on elliptical

Tuesday: 1:30 on elliptical

Wednesday: 1:10 on elliptical

Thursday: Sloooow run with NRC West

Friday: off

Saturday: 5,4,3,2,1 x 3 (1:30) on elliptical

Sunday: 50 min on elliptical

giphy (5)


2 responses to “Being Smart and Looking at the Big Picture

  1. I’m so sorry you’re out for a while. I know it frustrating especially since you’re having to do the elliptical. I hate the elliptical, but I’m in awe of that guys dance skills!
    I hope you have a speedy recovery and a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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