Feeling Like Me Again- And Just In Time Too

bradpitt-feels-goodAfter months of painful running and subsequent rest/rehab, I’m really starting to feel like myself again. I’ve been running pain-free since December 4th, and I even ran six days this past week. I’ve also gotten out on the trails 3-4 times. I knew I missed the trails but didn’t realize how much until I was back out there. On Christmas, a group of us hit up the trails, and I felt like a kid splashing in the mud. It was great to see all of my trail peeps. Trail runners are a part of what make this sport so awesome. Plus, we had post-run Christmas ale and mimosas. Hooray morning drinking! Even after my longest distance on the trails, I had no pain. I did get a little sore after a hill workout on Friday but…


Thankfully, I’m getting back to “normal” because I have a little less than 4 weeks until Mtn Mist 50k which is sliiiiightly disconcerting. My longest run since the ill-fated Dial test (Nov 15) is 8.5 miles. Good enough, right?


For the next four weeks, I’m going to keep up my physical therapy exercises, strength training, and steadily increase my running. Hopefully, that’ll be enough to prevent me from completely embarrassing myself at Mtn Mist and get me good and ready for Black Warrior in February.

new girl

I’m also pumped that my ankle is feeling better since RunWILD trail training starts in 12 days (hint hint sign up at http://www.nashvillerunning.com/products/runwild-winter-2015-tour-of-trails). I’d be super pissed if my ankle prevented me from checking out 10 different trails over 10 weeks.


Week in Review:

Monday: 45 minute run; 15 minute elliptical; 15 minute strength training–lower body

Tuesday: 20 minute run; 20 minute elliptical; 15 minute strength– upper body

Wednesday: off day

Thursday: 8.5 mile trail run w/ Christmas crew @ EWP

Friday: 40 minute run (5,4,3,2,1 alternating run and power hike, both done @ 15% grade on treadmill); 10 minute rowing; 10 minute elliptical

Saturday: 8 mile trail run w/ Jobie, Yong, Lindsay, and Wade @ Long Hunter

Sunday: 10 minute rowing; 40 minute run; 15 minute strength–upper and lower body


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