Experience vs. Competitiveness


I’ve been quite the slacker with this whole blog thing. Some very cool, running-related things have been taking up a lot of my time, and sorry guys, but I’m ok with that. (I highly doubt anyone was chomping at the bit for my next post, and again, I’m ok with that). My running is finally getting back to “normal”. This past week was my highest mileage week since Nov. 10-16. I can’t wait for it to continue to climb back up.


Before Hunter moved away to Birmingham and took Season with him, he and I met to discuss this year’s goals. They’re lofty, ambitious, and excite the hell out of me. The biggest problem in developing the plan is experience vs. competitiveness. I’ve been fortunate enough in the past year or so to be a little competitive in Nashville and in the Chattanooga races. Winning or just getting on the podium is FUN, especially when there are a ton of great runners here in TN and surrounding areas.

How I feel 1% of the time

totally freakin’ kidding

However, if I went out West to do a race, especially one that attracts the big boys, I wouldn’t be competitive at all. It would be all about the experience (and qualifying…which some dreams/goals require). And out West is where I want to be. Every running daydream or every visualization I do during a run takes place far west of the Mississippi so to race out there would be amazing. Deciding whether to sacrifice the fun of winning for the epicness of a race out West–it’s a good problem to have, I guess. Obviously, the western races also provide a lot more logistical and monetary obstacles than the local races do, especially the longer the race distance. I guess that’s for (not-so) future Beth to decide; for now, I’m focused on ramping up miles and staying healthy in the process. Going to do whatever it takes…

rebel wilson

RunWILD Tour of Trails started this week– and we sold that sucker out! Saturday, our first run was at Bowie Park which was the perfect place to start. The day was incredibly cold but absolutely beautiful Everyone in the group seemed to have a blast, and I think we already have some trail converts on our hands. Honestly, if we can get one person to love the trails as much as we do, I’ll consider this training is a success. I’m definitely pumped for the next 10 weeks!


Week in Recap:

Monday: Connector & Red Trail 1:04

Tuesday: Short Blue trail workout (up/down big blue hill x2) 41:00

Wednesday: 2 mi on dreadmill + 10 min on elliptical + weights

Thursday: RunWEST (am and pm)

Friday: Dry Creek Course Run Through 2:09

Saturday: RunWILD 48:21

Sunday: 6 mi on dreadmill (5,4,3,2,1 @ 15% grade) + 1 hr elliptical + Weights


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