Most Boring Blog Post Ever


This past week was by far the best running week I’ve had since the fall. It helped that the weather became absolutely beautiful later in the week. It’s amazing what good running and sunshine can do for the soul.

I signed my contract and officially joined the Nashville Running Company Race Team this past week. This is obviously incredibly exciting, and I’m super thankful for this opportunity. BUT…the team is chock full of crazy fast folks, and I feel like a bit of a fraud. I still feel completely out of shape and slow. The plan is to just fake it until I make it.

It’s been hard not to push it way too much to try and get back to where I was (and beyond). It’s easy to fall into the trap of “If some is good, more must be better”. That’s how you get injured, burned out, or if nothing else, diminishing workout returns. Training smart > training hard. Longevity is the ultimate goal.

Besides the great running week, I don’t really have any words of inspiration or nuggets of interest. I even failed on the gif front. So I apologize for the complete waste of time . . .

Monday: Easy Run– 1 hr, 6.6 miles

Tuesday: 25 min warmup; RunWILD trail run @ night

Wednesday: 30 min run w/ Pepper; East Nasty

Thursday: RunWEST AM; 30 min run w/ Pepper; RunWEST PM

Friday: 30 min run w/ Pepper; 10 min shakeout later

Saturday: 2 hrs w/ RunWILD

Sunday: RWB w/ Jobie and Jeff

4.5 Weeks until Black Warrior, 80 somethings days until Boston . . .


4 responses to “Most Boring Blog Post Ever

  1. Is it weird that I immediately went to read the blog post titled “Most boring ever”? If that was intended, way to go on the reverse psychology.

  2. You are hot!!

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