Having Fun — The Real Reason We Do This


Even though my “training” (and I say “training” because even though BW is in 4 weeks, I don’t feel like I’m really in training) is the most inspired it’s been in months, I don’t seem to have any words of inspiration to impart. Basically, I’m just having lots of fun out on the trails and running with friends and the RunWILD group. This past week was especially great.

I decided at the last minute to run the 5k4MLK on Monday, and Boo Boo joined me. It turned out to be a beautiful day. The race was not flat, and my legs felt the RWB I had run the day prior the entire time. My time wasn’t the greatest, but it was good enough for a win. I’ll take it.

Fellow NRC race team member Kris (who placed 3rd!), me, and 2nd place chick

Fellow NRC race team member Kris (who placed 3rd!), me, and 2nd place chick

Last Saturday, I made the post-3 Crow purchase of the Craft base layer top and the Tikka Rxp headlamp from NRC. E95-RC-TIKKA-RXP-corail_LowResI was pumped to test them both out on our Tuesday night trail run. I had heard awesome things about Craft but was late to jump on the bandwagon. This top was exactly as advertised– super comfy and super warm. The headlamp was clutch too. I’d been bumming my friend Donna’s headlamp since Utah in Sept. Pretty jazzed to have my own one now. I’m big fan of the Petzl brand too (and not just because they sponsor Trail Runner Nation-– my favorite podcast).

Tuesday night trails have been a pretty big hit. This past Tuesday was no exception. The weather was beyond perfect. I met Jeff and Steven for a Red loop before meeting up with everyone at 7pm. We had a great group that stuck it out for a Red and White loop. Afterward, we hit up Publicity in Bellevue — can’t go wrong with 2-for-1s.

giphy (6)

Christa joined me for Wednesday’s East Nasty run which made me happy. Even though I nearly got split up the middle by a fire hydrant, we had a great, fast 6 miles.

The RunWEST group (start from NRC West every Thurs at 6am AND 6pm) is picking up steam on Thursdays. Scott joined me in the am, and we had one of our biggest showings to date for the evening run. It’s always fun to run with peeps you don’t normally run with, and it makes the miles just fly by. I expect more to show this week as we’ll be hitting up Sportsmans after the 6pm run. Last time this happened…

Ashley E called us the runners of the round table. The waitress was less than impressed with us.

Ashley E called us the runners of the round table. The waitress was less than impressed with us.

Saturday’s RunWILD run couldn’t have been more perfect or picturesque. We got to experience Beaman Park in all of its snow-filled glory. Snow and sunshine = gorgeous trail running. The miles flew by, and before I knew it, we’d already crushed 2 loops.

Pre-Snow Fun

Pre-Snow Run Fun

My legs felt pretty tired on Saturday and were still a little fatigued when I met Jobie out at Edwin Warner on Sunday. We cranked out a slowish version of the Warner Challenge (What’s the Warner Challenge, you say? Stop by NRC to find out!), but it was just what I needed. Jobie’s a great running partner . . . and a bad influence as he’s talked me into a crazy ass race in June.

All in all, a pretty great week.

Week Recap:

Monday: 5k4MLK — 19:47

Tuesday: Red, Red, White

Wednesday: EN (6.5 miles)

Thursday: RunWEST am AND RunWEST pm

Friday: 4 miles on dreadmill + core/leg strength routine

Saturday: RunWILD run (12.8 miles)

Sunday: RWB


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