A Dichotomous Week

This past week ran the gamut of running– from completely slacking to most miles since November.  With Black Warrior 50k closing in, I really wanted to bang out some quality miles during the week, as well as get in two longer runs on the weekend. My body had different plans though. Generally, I’m not the best sleeper, but sometimes by body really takes it to the extreme. Last week, I could not sleep at all. Nada.


What I tried to tell my body

Because I couldn’t sleep, I felt like the Walking Dead most of the week. My running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday really suffered. And by suffered I mean, I ran a total of 5.5 miles for those 3 days combined. Tuesday and Thursday, however, were pretty decent. I actually did a workout on Tuesday, got some good leg turnover, and got some good miles in. My workout coupled with the RunWILD Tuesday night trail run had me feeling like this:

taylor swift

I had planned to run with Lindsay on Wednesday am, but after Tuesday, my ankle was a little angry so I decided to be smart. Lindsay, who’s coming back from an injury and who I’m excited to see dominate some races this year, was, thankfully, super supportive and understanding. Wednesday was East Nasty Pint Night, and Leah, Nash, and I signed up some peeps for the Dry Creek Trail Marathon & Half (http://www.nashvillerunning.com/events/2015/2/22/dry-creek-marathon-and-half). I got a few easy miles in before, and my ankle felt MUCH better.

RunWEST group on Thursday always helps my mileage (Check out our facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/RunWEST/340492819490881). Friday, however, was a totally different story. Still no quality sleep. I felt completely out of body, and I just could not go run.


Luckily, Gretchen’s birthday celebration was that evening which took my mind off just how tired I was and gave me some kick ass cross training. We played broom ball, and broom ball rocks. Seriously, this was the most fun that I’ve had in quite some time. 60 minutes, hockey style on real ice. Loved every second of this. Boo Boo and I were on the same team which made it even more fun– especially when we got into a good defensive rhythm. Our team, the Ice Holes, beat Phil and the Dateline Predators. I want to play this every single weekend.

How I felt playing

How I felt playing

How I actually looked

How I actually looked

Saturday’s run was a lot more difficult than it should’ve been because of how sore and tired my legs were from the previous night’s workout. However, that did not ruin the awesomeness that is Chickasaw Trace. I’d never been out there, but they are some seriously beautiful and fun trails! I was definitely impressed. They have a 15k down there on March 21– we met the race director while we were down there, and this should be a great race.

On Sunday, I ran the most that I’ve run since being placed on IR back in November. Not a ton of miles, but I’ll definitely take it. The best part was that my legs felt decent, and I definitely could have run more. Hap-, hap-, happiness!



Big thanks to RunWILD on Saturday (especially the usual suspects, Phil, Scott, Ryne, & Sinith) and to Scott and Ryne for running RWB with me on Sunday! And thanks to sweet pups Merlot and Gidget (and their Mom and Dad) for helping me get some bonus miles this weekend!

Week Recap:

Monday: 1 mile; Strength Training — Core/Legs

Tuesday: Strength miles workout; RunWILD Tuesday Night Trails (11.6 total)

Wednesday: 4.5 easy miles

Thursday: RunWEST am; Workout; RunWEST pm (12.2 total)

Friday: MotherF-ing Broom Ball

Saturday: 9 miles

Sunday: 16.2 miles total


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