10 Reasons to Do It in the Dark

Everyone knows how amazing trail running is. Surprisingly, not everyone’s eyes have been opened to the fun that is trail running in the dark. After running with Nashville Running Company‘s Tuesday night trail group last night, I couldn’t help but think of all the reasons to do it in the dark. I decided to narrow it down to just 10 though . . .

1. With just a head lamp, it’s hard to tell when you’re approaching a hill until you’re actually on it. You end up running climbs that you’d normally hike just from looking at it.

2. It’s even easier to go to the bathroom in the woods without anyone seeing you, assuming you turn your head lamp off.

3. Trail running in the dark forces you to slow down and really enjoy the beauty around you.

4. The “same ol’ trails” are not the same ol’ trails in the dark. The trails look and feel completely different than they do in the daylight. It’s a great way to mix it up without abandoning your favorite or nearby trails.

5. Running in the dark forces you to pay even more attention to what you’re doing, to the trail, and how your body works in conjunction with the trails.

6. Zombie animal eyes– the eyes of woodland creatures glow from the headlamps. It’s both eerie and beautiful.

7. You get to pretend like you’re in the middle of a 100 miler and don’t know why everyone always looks spent at mile 75 because you’re feeling f-ing awesome.

8. Something about running through the woods in the dark makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong or illegal . . . so you know it’s fun.

9. You get to wear a head lamp, a niche usually reserved only for miners and surgeons.

10. Running through the woods in the dark makes you  the ultimate bad ass.


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