RunWILD Wrap Up Edition, Pt. 2

January RunWILD recap: Bowie = Cold and beautiful; Peeler = Titanic-esque  water crossing; Beaman = snow-filled glory; Bearwaller Gap = brutally amazeballs

Chickasaw Trace, down in Columbia, would be the next stop on our tour. The Altra rep joined us to let everyone test drive the Superior. These MTB trails were like a roller-coaster but a lot more fun. Phil kept us honest the entire time and really pushed the pace. It’s all completely runnable, but the constant up-and-down can really wear you out. It was fun too because all of the switchbacks allowed you to see (and hear) fellow runners who were ahead and behind you. I was definitely a fan of this trail.

Photo cred: J. Eb

Photo cred: J. Eb

Photo cred: Michelle Mazzara

Photo cred: Michelle Mazzara

The following week was Bells Bend, and another race in Nashville Running Company‘s Trail Race Series. IN FACT, this race is coming up soon, and you should all sign up! 

Anyway, this was a recovery week on most people’s training plans, but the sun and cold led people to run extra. We also got to test out the new MTB trail which was a lot of fun.

Photo Cred: Becky Sears

  Photo Cred: Becky Sears

Here’s a link to an awesome video of our run at Bells Bend by Steven McNeal

Mother Nature decided to throw a wrench in our plans for the next couple of weeks. Icepocalypse I shut down the city for the entire week. We were slated to head to Hamilton Creek, but because those are MTB trails AND to keep folks safe, the crew was at Edwin Warner Park for some icy/snowy fun.

pwp 1

Here’s another video by Steven — if you like running, ice, and the 80s, you’ll LOVE this!!

That next week, the trails were still frozen on Tuesday so we decided to treat the gang to a hill workout at Shelby Park. Phil’s both a sadist and a masochist so he chose the Sisyphus workout. He summed it up with this lovely pic:

pinheadIf you know anything about mythology and Sisyphus then you might be able to comprehend how hard this workout is.  4 x (30, 60, 90, 120 sec) up Naval Base hill. Yeah, that’ll get you where you need to be.

Saturday’s run was at the trails of Shelby Park — which, coincidentally, is another race site (Oct. 4 btw). After all of the snow and ice, this was just a sloppy, muddy mess. There were still some icy parts which allowed Sinith to seriously show out. He “skated” under a tree. Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. The rep from Inov-8 was there, and I can’t even imagine how bad the test shoes were after that run.

Photo cred: J. Eb

Photo cred: J. Eb

Thanks to some crazy weather, February proved interesting, and the RunWILD crew proved flexible and understanding. I think everyone got to add another notch in their badass belt from the hill workout and from running in “extreme” conditions. And luckily, no one got caught on camera looking like this . . .



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