Getting Over Myself

Lately, I’ve done something that I’m not proud of or ever wanted to do. I started taking running too seriously. I’m not saying I was taking my training too seriously. I still believe it’s incredibly important to be all in with your training so you can reach your goals (whatever those goals may be — from couch to 5k to 100 milers). I was taking myself too seriously which is gross and not fun (I’m pretty sure I even wrote a blog post about not doing that a few months ago. Oy).

Looking back at the last few weeks

Looking back at the last few weeks

For a few weeks there, I felt like I was “over” fun runs, short runs, road runs, or runs where I wasn’t trying to hit certain splits. First of all, this is stupid from a training standpoint. You have to have the nice and easy days. Second, this is just stupid, but I fell into a trap of go big or go home/go trails or go home. I didn’t have “time” for anything/anyone else. I even stopped going to the East Nasty runs which had been a staple in my training and social routine.


However, last week was Pint Night at Nashville Running Company, and we were going to try to register some peeps for Bells Bend. I decided that I might as well run with the group. Christa even came over to run. It ended up being one of my best runs of the week. It was fun, quick, and fast! I was thrilled I had “manned” up and just run.

After, at Pint Night, I was sitting kind of in the corner, talking a few people into registering for the race. It almost felt like I was a fly on the wall. I watched everyone enjoying some brews, fellowship of other runners, and just having the best time. And it hit me (again) — this is what it’s about. Running isn’t always about racing. Those of us who aren’t professional runners can only have a few “big” races every year. While these matter (if you want them to), everything in between matters just as much, if not more. These fun, social runs got me out of a dark place back when I first started in 2013. They’re how I met some of my closest friends and where I continue to meet awesome people. They also do more for the running community than any one race (or two or three) could ever hope to do. So I’m getting over myself and getting back to what’s truly important in the grand scheme of running (and Lezbehonest, these runs are still great for my training, esp when the pace groups tend to be much faster than advertised. #SpeedWork).


Week in Review:

Monday: 10 miles easy around East Nash; Swole session @ Climb Nashville w/ Big Swole

Tuesday: Tour de East Nashville w/ Yong — 11 miles; Tuesday Night Trails — 4.5

Wednesday: East Nasty 🙂

Thursday: RunWEST am; Hill Repeats; RunWEST pm

Friday: Climbing w/ Bree and Big Swole; Swole session

Saturday: 15 w/ Jobie around Brentwood

Sunday: 10 easy


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