Recovery Week

I found myself in quite the conundrum (at least from a training standpoint) post-Boston. I tend to usually take a few days off after a long race, but the day of the Boston marathon was also the 2 month mark until River of No Return 108k. Even though I know a few missed runs/workouts won’t completely derail my training, I still wanted to keep some of the momentum I gained while in Boston. Plus, I’m starting to freak out about this sucker, and running calms me.

After my first 3 marathons, I was basically incapacitated for 3 days. Amypoehler

This time around, my ankle was a little sore, and my legs were a little tired, but honestly, I’ve felt a lot worse the day after some of my training runs. The state of my legs made my decision not to take a day completely off from running easier. After getting back from Boston on Tuesday, I met up with the RunWILD group for Tuesday Night Trails. I was late so I only got in about 2.5 miles. The first half mile proved more difficult than I thought, but after that, it felt amazing to get the legs going. Tuesday was also Phil’s birthday so after the run we went to celebrate accordingly at Publicity. I was so excited to see that Gretchen had come!

I think you mean birthday beer, Teresa. Get your mind right in prison, girl.

I think you mean birthday beer, Teresa. Get your mind right in prison, girl. 

Wednesday, I decided against running East Nasty. I know myself, and I know that I would’ve gotten roped into more distance and faster pace than I wanted. I ran around the neighborhood, and it was a good call. My heart rate was way higher than it should’ve been for an easy two miles. I called it a day and did some yoga instead of more miles.

Thursday morning, my legs felt back to normal, and I had an amazing run with the RunWEST morning group. Tara and Adrienne are always so fun, and those 4 miles always fly by. (Check out Tara’s awesome blog here) During the day, I helped out at the CMM Expo for Nashville Running Company. I love being around runners in any form or fashion, and the expo was no different. I had a blast even though it made me a little sad that I wasn’t running this year. Because I was running my mouth to the Altra rep, I ended up getting out of the expo too late to make it to the RunWEST pm group. Luckily, Scott had my back and took over. Friday, I did an easy 3 miles and some yoga.

Saturday was Country Music Marathon. I met up with Phil to get in some miles before working the NRC water stop. This run simply proved what badasses we are. We ran part of the marathon course backwards, all the while dodging cops who wanted us to run on the extremely crowded sidewalks.

Always look straight forward when being chased by cops on bikes. Solid, Phil advice.

Lesson of the run — Always look straight forward when being chased by cops on bikes. 

As we were out running, we found Steven who had just CRUSHED the 1/2 marathon and ran back with him. It was a great run back, but spectators thought we were actually running the marathon. A couple of people even told me I was the 3rd girl. AWKWARD. Finally, we made it back to NRC and handed out water for the next couple of hours. I was so happy I got to see Yong and Roy while I was out there.

Sunday was just an easy day on the trails. It felt great to get some mud on the shoes.

So, I didn’t run as much as thought I would this week. And I’ve been eating and sleeping like it’s my job.


I gave myself the excuse of “it’s recovery week” but now it’s time to really bang out some serious training.

Week Recap:
MONDAY: 26.2

TUESDAY: 2.5 miles

WEDNESDAY: 2 miles; yoga

THURSDAY: 4 miles; yoga

FRIDAY: 3 miles; yoga

SATURDAY: 5 miles

SUNDAY: 6 miles


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