Getting Heavy (Mileage)

Last week was the first week that wasn’t a recovery week or race week in about a month. I wanted to take advantage of this and get some really good miles in. Apparently, my body didn’t feel the same way (at least for the first part of the week). Monday, I ran from my house to Shelby with the intention of running at least 10 miles. 3 miles in, however,  and I felt like this:


I explored some of Shelby’s trails and called it a day. Tuesday morning, I ran with my pups at the Airpark. My whole body was tired, and my feet hurt. Tuesday night is RunWILD Tuesday night trails. It’s always one of my favorite runs of the week, but I decided to try and be smart and just run easy at Shelby again. Jobie and I ran at the greenway. Apparently, roller blading is back en vogue. We were almost taken out by at least 5 roller bladers. rollerblade

Yong wanted to get a long run in on Wednesday so I joined him for a 22 miler. It was hot, my legs were tired, and I was pretty miserable from about 10 miles in. Luckily, Yong was patient and encouraging. The day before I saw an article on entitled “Eat Yourself Out of Overtaining”. In true millenial fashion, I didn’t read the whole article (or majority of it), but I assume it just said eat a whole lot and you’ll feel better. So after that brutal 22 miler, I stuffed my face with veggie dogs and coca-cola from I Dream of Weenie. It definitely made me feel better so I’m just going to keep eating everything in sight.

Thursday, as always, was RunWEST day. We had new faces for our 6am run which was fun! Before the the evening run, I decided to get some new trail shoes from NRC.


On Friday, I couldn’t wait to test drive my new shoes so around lunch time, I headed over to the PWP for a little RWB action. During my run, I decided to halfway attempt NRC’s Warner Challenge. NRC posted this challenge a couple of months ago, and I kept waiting for perfect legs and conditions. Obviously, there’s no such thing as either. So finally, I thought what the hell. I ended up just under 1:45. I’ve done way better before BUT not bad for an impromptu run, hiking all of the hills, wearing a pack, testing new shoes, and running in the middle of the day. #NoExcuses #JustKiddingIHaveATon


Saturday, I ran RWB again — this time with Phil and Ryne. We ran into other trail peeps while out there. It was cooler and a little rainy. It was a perfect day on the trails both in terms of company, conversation, and the way my legs felt. I was incredibly encouraged by this run, and it was a great reminder of why I run trails.

On Sunday, I joined Phil and BAZ for a 10 miler through Shelby. Phil pushed BAZ in the stroller, and she adorably talked for 6 miles (and passed out for the other 4). Besides being a little jealous of her bunny crackers, it was so much fun running with her (and Phil, of course). BAZ also said my name which obviously means she loves me. Later that afternoon, I ventured down to Long Hunter to run with Jobie and Tennessee the dog. I’d never been on the Volunteer trail– I love this trail! It had a little bit of everything and was the perfect way to end a heavy week of running. Tennessee had even more fun than we did — he got to go swimming at Party Cove.

Even with some tiredness and soreness at the beginning of the week, this ended up being my highest mileage week ever. Biggest takeaway from the week — Montrail Bajadas are my newest obsession. Jeff wears these, and I can totally see why. They have good support without being clunky. They have enough cushion for higher mileage runs and just feel like a dream.



Monday: 6.5 miles

Tuesday: 7.9 total

Wednesday: 22 miles

Thursday: RunWEST AM; solo  Swole session; RunWEST PM (6.8 total)

Friday: RWB

Saturday: RWB

Sunday: 18.5 total


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