Week in Review: Less than a month until RONR

Photo from RONR Facebook group

Photo from RONR Facebook group

After the previous week’s heavy mileage and with 4 weeks until River of No Return,  I wanted another high mileage week. Strava lets you set a goal mileage for the week. For the first time on there, I set a goal (80 miles) . . . and failed. I did book our flights for the race though so I guess that was a success. Regardless of not hitting my weekly mileage goal, I got in 2 quality workouts and a solid weekend of running.

Monday, I ran the urban trails of East Nashville. With the high humidity and dodging hipster smoke, it’s probably the closest I’ll get to altitude training. Tuesday, we started doing track workouts at the East Lit track (open to everyone– 6am!). I haven’t done a track workout in a while so that was good/painful/fun. We had a great group show up which makes the pain of intervals so much better. Tuesday night, as per ush, was Tuesday Night Trails at Deep Wells (again, open to everyone — 7pm!) Track/trails made for a good day. On Wednesday, I was feeling the previous day’s runs so I was going to take East Nasty easy, but Marie peer pressured me into a speedy run. Thank goodness for group runs because I always struggle on Wednesdays. Thursday = RunWEST. The morning group is growing which is fun to see! After the morning run through Percy, I did a hill workout near my house that incorporated a little speedwork as well. The RunWEST pm run was a little difficult because of it, but we ended up doing our longest run to date (what I get for letting Scott lead).

Friday, I planned to do blue loop repeats, but my ankle was feeling wonky. Instead of being stupid and pushing through the pain, I cut it short. One and done. I’m glad I listened to my body because Saturday’s run felt great (sorry, Phil). Phil and I did a double RWB and met up with Matlock, Theresa, and James for part of it. It’s the best I’ve ever felt doing a double which was incredibly encouraging. However, later in the day, my ankle was angry. Lots of ice and it was ready to go by the next day. Sunday brought some impromptu Bearwaller Gap action. A tough 10 miles and 2300′ gain. I’ll take it. All in all, it was a good training week, but seeing the calendar has my heart rate increasing by the day. #IBlameJobie

Week in Recap:

Monday: 8 miles

Tuesday: track sesh (6 miles); trail work (4.5)

Wednesday: East Nasty+ warmup (5.7)

Thursday: RunWEST AM; Hill workout; RunWEST PM (16.8 total)

Friday: Blue loop

Saturday: RWB x 2

Sunday: 11 @ Bearwaller

Totals: 75.7 miles; 12 hrs 42 minutes; 8200′ vert


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