Less Than 2 Weeks Until Go Time

Well, it’s less than two weeks until River of No Return 108K. Besides being 27 miles farther than I’ve ever run and more gain than I’ve ever seen and at elevations I’ve never been to, it’ll be just like any other race. Adding to this, my training the past two weeks has not been anywhere close to where I would’ve liked it to be. My ankle has continued to be wonky, and my sleep has been really off – two not so very good things for training. I should be doing things that would actually help me right now (like planning what I’m going to eat/drink, looking at course map, figuring out aid stations), but instead, Gifs.

When I think just how close RONR is:

Marshall (1)

Trying to give myself false confidence when looking at elevation profile:


Then when I really think about the elevation:


Listening to Jobie’s nutrition advice:


At the grocery store planning what food I’m going to bring for 67 miles:

junk food

How I envision it’ll be every time I see my crew:


Remembering Why I Run:



5 responses to “Less Than 2 Weeks Until Go Time

  1. Love this post!!! You are going to crush it!

  2. You got this. Just remember that there is crying in trail running unlike baseball.

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