Shelby Park 6 Miler Sponsor Spotlight: Spring Rewards


Nashville Running Company hosts multiple races throughout the year, including the NRC Trail Race 6 Mile Series. The 3rd installment, RunWILD Shelby Park 6 Miler, is quickly approaching! This fun race takes place on October 4 @ 8am at the Cornelia Fort Airpark — which is right in NRC’s backyard.

One of the sponsors of the RunWILD Shelby Park 6 Miler is Spring Rewards. If you’re already a regular at NRC then you probably know a little something about this awesome company. Spring is a platform that provides branded loyalty and reward programs for local businesses and restaurants. It’s a smart and fun way for customers to get rewarded for shopping LOCALLY! Everything is held on credit/debit cards customers carry so there’s nothing to keep up with like another card, voucher, or proof of purchase. Easy! And the rewards are sweet. For instance, if you enroll in their rewards program with NRC, you get $25 back for every $500 you spend in the store, which, as any runner knows, adds up QUICKLY!

Rowanne McKnight is the Nashville market manager, overseeing all sales and marketing here in town. In addition to working at Spring and driving her 3 children all over town, she’s also an avid runner and yogi. She says she isn’t a pro at either one but loves the physical and mental benefits she gets from both (I actually met Rowanne on a RunWEST run, and she’s a GREAT runner). She’s a certified yoga instructor, has run 15 marathons (!), and is training to run Chicago in October! She loves getting geared up at NRC — “everyone there is approachable, knowledgeable, and fun!” Couldn’t agree more, Rowanne! Thank you and Spring Rewards for your generous sponsorship of the RunWILD Shelby Park 6 Miler!


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