London Running

“I [ran] by the river”

London was the first stop in the Bama Does Europe Tour. As we walked around the first day through the throngs of people, I thought that running here was going to really suck. As per ush, I was wrong.

The first day I crossed over from our hotel to the South Bank and ran along the River Thames. My first point of interest: MI6 Building. What better motivation than trying to find James Bond or at least a Daniel Craig lookalike? No luck, but it was still a beautiful run down to MI6  as you could see Westminster Abbey, Parliament, and Big Ben along the river.

Daniel Craig, where are you?

Daniel Craig, where are you?

I continued next to the river until I got to Battersea, and then I crossed over the bridge in front of Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull’s old house. I ran along the streets of Chelsea — they did NOT seem used to runners — and made my way through the swanky area of Belgravia. Somehow or another, I found Hyde Park. From there, I saw the London Eye up in the sky and knew that was the way back to the hotel. I ran through Hyde Park and found a “trail”!

London's single track

London’s single track

Hyde Park

Hyde Park

I ran through Hyde Park until finding myself in front of Buckingham Palace, said what up to the Queen, looked for Harry the hottest Ginger ever, and made my way through the Royal Horseguards, past Big Ben (which is probably my favorite sight in London), and finished in front of the London Eye. 14 gorgeous miles.


Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

The next day I took Milner’s and Wade’s advice and just went straight for Hyde Park. It was fun people watching, and there were a ton of other runners out. I ended up following another “trail” until I was in front of Royal Albert Hall and next to what John Lennon thought was a psychedelic rocket. I turned around and ran back towards the ever-watching Eye. 6.5 sweet ass miles.



Haven’t mastered the art of the selfie without looking like the hag from Snow White


We left for Paris early on Tuesday morning so in solidarity with my Tuesday morning interval peeps back in Nashville, I did intervals on the treadmill before we left.

To sum it up: London was beautiful, I liked it much better than I expected, and I had a blast exploring it by foot!



2 responses to “London Running

  1. I love running in new places, I would have an anxiety attack if I thought I was lost. LOL I thought it was quite funny that you holla’d at the Queen. Have a great day

  2. Such a great way to explore new places and really get a feel for them.

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